I’m currently installing Ubuntu and replacing Windows 10. After, I want to dual boot Kali Linux and Ubuntu since the main point of all of this is to get Kali. My computer was pre-installed with Windows 8. Can you provide me a step-by-step guide and explanation to reach this efficiently? Thank you.

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Preferable one if you have already installed Ubuntu in legacy mode then install the Kali Linux in the same mode.

Step1: Make a bootable live USB with kalilinux and follow the boot setup instructions to set boot priority #1 as live USB https://craftedflash.com/info/ho…

Or if you know how to setup boot priority no need of above reference.

Step2: Here you can choose either try Kali live or graphical install.

Step3: If you choose try Kali live and like to proceed for the installation press window+s on keyboard and in the search column type install select install option and follow the instructions properly.

Step4: While partition the disk make sure that you have to make three partitions one for swap area, one for root and the other one for home.

Swap area:4gb space is enough

/(i.e root):Minimum 6gb and


Step5: After the partition continue to the installation and grub is installed automatically check whether Ubuntu is is detected by the Kali Linux grub. If in case not detected do boot repair with live USB in Kali Linux to load grub menu

If Ubuntu is in uefi mode then install Kali Linux in legacy mode and follow the same procedure for the installation.

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