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What are Threads?

Thread is an execution unit which consists of its own program counter, a stack, and a set of registers. Threads are also known as Lightweight processes. Threads are popular way to improve application through parallelism. The CPU switches rapidly back and forth among the threads giving illusion that the threads are running in parallel.

Processes Vs Threads

As we mentioned earlier that in many respect threads operate in the same way as that of processes. Some of the similarities and differences are:


  • Like processes threads share CPU and only one thread active (running) at a time.
  • Like processes, threads within a processes, threads within a processes execute sequentially.
  • Like processes, thread can create children.
  • And like process, if one thread is blocked, another thread can run.


  • Unlike processes, threads are not independent of one another.
  • Unlike processes, all threads can access every address in the task .
  • Unlike processes, thread are design to assist one other. Note that processes might or might not assist one another because processes may originate from different users.
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